WEB Links


Lithuanian web sites

  • President of the Republic of Lithuania [www.president.lt]
  • Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania [www.seimas.lt]
  • Legal acts search engine [http://www3.lrs.lt/DPaieska.html]
  • Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania. The main goal of the Ministry is to take care of the health of the population of the Republic of Lithuania, to promote, recover and strengthen it. It carries out the functions of state administration in the sphere of health care commissioned to it by laws and other legal acts, as well as implements the state policy in that sphere. [www.sam.lt]
  • State Public Health Service under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. It aims at creating modern health care system, insuring healthy way of living, healthy environment, access to necessary health care. [www.vvspt.lt]

Foreign web sites

  • European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA). It is one of the European Union’s decentralised agencies. Established in 1993 and based in Lisbon, it is the central source of comprehensive information on drugs and drug addiction in Europe. [http://www.emcdda.eu.int]
  • The European Commission. It embodies and upholds the general interest of the Union and is the driving force in the Union's institutional system. Its four main roles are to propose legislation to Parliament and the Council, to administer and implement Community policies, to enforce Community law and to negotiate international agreements. [http://ec.europa.eu/]
  • IREFREA. Irefrea is a professional European network founded in 1.988 interested in the promotion and research of prevention of drug and other child and adolescent problems. [http://www.irefrea.org]
  • World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe. The official Web site provides country-specific and topic-specific health information for people who influence health policy in the WHO European Region, and the media. [http://www.euro.who.int]
  • United Nations Office against Drug and Crime. It’s a global leader in the fight against illicit drugs and international crime. [http://www.unodc.org/unodc/index.html]
  • Nordic Council for Alcohol and Drug Research. NAD's aim is to increase knowledge and understanding about substance abuse, prevention, policy issues, substance-related harm, and the treatment of substance abusers. [http://www.nordicwelfare.org/]
  • European Cities against Drugs. It is Europe's leading organization promoting a drug free Europe and representing millions of European citizens [http://www.ecad.net]
  • Hassela Nordic Network. A politically and religiously independent network for international exchange of theoretical ideas and suggestions for practical action to maintain a restrictive drugs policy and prevent the legalisation of illicit drugs. [http://www.hnnsweden.com]
  • Russian State Drug Control internet site. This internet site features legal acts and regulations as well as presents various information on drug issues (only in Russian language). [http://www.narkotiki.ru]
  • Russian National server against drugs. This internet site features articles, forums, FAQ as well as useful information on drug issues (only in Russian language) [http://www.narcom.ru].



Ar pažįstate kas vartoja narkotikus?

Taip, pažįstu daug vartojančių - 22%
Taip, pažįstu keletą asmenų - 6.8%
Taip, pažįstu pora asmenų - 13.6%
Nesu įsitikinęs - 10.2%
Ne - 47.5%